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The League of Women Voters Loudoun sold 14 of their 40 tickets to their annual luncheon. They needed to sell 30 tickets to breakeven but had not seen any movement in sales since they initially announced the event.

With a limited budget and less then two weeks to go, the event coordinator contacted me for help.


A three-prong approach,

  1. Review of the current campaign. Afterwards, I changed their low-resolution imagery to a higher one and changed the wording to focus on the special guest and topic rather than the presenters. Then reached out to various groups and social media platforms with the new digital advertising updates.
  2. Created a printable flyer to post at local business establishments.
  3. Instructed the board members on how they can use their social media effectively to reach out to others, and gave advice on where to post the flyers.


They reached their goal within a couple of days and sold-out the luncheon a week before the event.

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